Vril Dox was a sentient being from the doomed planet of Yod-Colu. The body of Vril Dox was later used by Brainiac, who used Dox's motivations and desires to fuel his own mad ambition. Although Dox and Brainiac were clearly two separate entities, the collector later began to think of himself as Dox. As such, he used Dox's noble intentions as a twisted rationing for his own cruel desires.

Biography Edit

A being of 12th level intellect, Vril Dox had married Lysl Dox and had one son with her. Vril had breakthroughs in force field technology, with them, along with those of miniaturization being considered miraculous. He also created C.O.M.P.U.T.O., a computer that acted as a personal servent for him, sentient till the point that it had no free will. Upon discovering a 5th Dimension, he also found it to have sparked a war in which several worlds were targetted for destruction, with hundreds already destroyed. Vril named the being from the dimension the Multitude and Yod-Colu to be their next target. However, to stop the Multitude, Vril experimented on his own son. This had him Lysl turning him over to the authorities and tried by court. Despite explaining the truth of the Multitude to them, the court refused to heed his advice and took C.O.M.P.U.T.O. offline and banished him in an exile ship. However, Vril managed to hack into the exile ship and bring C.O.M.P.U.T.O back online and began to "upgrade" himself. When Vril had finished, he was gone, replaced by the Colony of the Collector of Worlds.

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