Lord Vyndktvx was an imp from the 5th Dimension world of Zrfff who acted as a magician for his king.

Biography Edit

Acting as a magician for King-thing Brpxz, Lord Vyndktvx was the only jester until Mister Mxyzptlk came along and took the king's favour. Growing jealous of his rival, Lord Vyndktvx plotted to kill him, but inadvertently killed the king and 228 different worlds in the process, greatly damaging Earth and Krypton as well. His rage growing, Lord Vyndktvx damaged Mxyzptlk by framing him for the murder and forcing him to retreat to Earth. Soon after, Lord Vyndktvx  decided to damage the history of Mxyzptlk's favorite trick: Superman.

Using his 5th Dimensional Abilities on Earth's 3D World, Lord Vyndktvx was able to attack at any time in Superman's history. Killing Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent prematurely was a failure as it only sparked for Clark Kent to become Superman much sooner. Lord Vyndktvx did orchestrate the fall of Glen Glenmorgan in an effort to get Lex Luthor to power, he also assembled the Anti-Superman Army in an effort to attack Superman even when he was not able to. Despite all of this, Superman was able to defeat Lord Vyndktvx and expose him for his crimes in Zrfff.

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