Wayne Tower was a gigantic tower designed for Alan Wayne by the Gates of Gotham. Bruce Wayne planned for the "Old" Wayne Tower to be replaced by a new one.

"Old" Wayne Tower Edit

The Wayne Tower was built by the Gates of Gotham to be over 1000 feet tall to be a greeting to visitors to Gotham City. For each point of entrance into the city a gargoyle was installed, the figure was to act as a guardian. The tower was tied into the rail lines that were around it and hosted an observation deck. The tower had very rarely come under threat, though the Talon had attacked Bruce Wayne in it at one point.

Bruce Wayne had planned to tear down the "Old" Wayne Tower and replace it with a newer one. The point was to revitalize Gotham like Alan Wayne had been able to do so.

Other Towers Edit

In the early 21st Century, Philip Kane had built a new headquarters for Wayne Enterprises. This new headquarters was also, albeit unofficially, a Wayne Tower. It had much more of an apartment-esque feel to it rather than the spiral "Old" Wayne Tower. At the top there were four long spires on each end with a helicopter landing pad in the middle.

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