The Wizard, born Mamaragan, was one of the first people to be able to harness the power of magic.

Biography Edit

In Ancient Times, being one of the first beings the utilize the powers of magic, a thunder God of the dreamtime became the Wizard. His abilities leading abroad and to others with abilities, the Wizard would form a council to decide to judge the world. The seven beings would join together into a group that would be known as the Circle of Eternity and would base themselves in the Wizard's Rock of Eternity. Eventually they would come across three beings whom they deemed so unfit that they would have to place them under severe confinement, they would dub the three the Trinity of Sin. The first of these three would be a man whom they would make the Phantom Stranger, a man who would beg for forgiveness. The next member would be Vic Sage, a man who would promise to make the Wizard fear his name, a response to which the Circle would make Sage forget his identity and constantly search for answers. The third, Pandora, would be sentanced and cursed for all eternity for opening the box.

The Wizard would later create the Seven Spells of Shazam. Some time during his long tenure, the Wizard would find a slave to grant the powers of Shazam, his champion. However, the slave was killed and his powers stolen by one who was aiming to use the powers for benevolence, but by means of malevolence. This champion was Black Adam and he eventually turned on the Wizard, murdering the Circle of Eternity. He spared the Wizard, but it was in vain as the Wizard took the opportunity to imprison Adam.

In 2007 the Wizard learned he was dying and learned of Pandora's meddling with the timeline. Eager to find a new champion, the Wizard looked for many people, but was only convinced by Billy Batson. He imbued Billy with powers so that he could save the world. Before his death, the Wizard finally apologized to Pandora, for wrongfully sentancing her. With his death, the Wizard ended up in the Source as did all other dead Gods.